2017 Finder's Fee

This page is about finder's fees for people Luc has contacted about them (generally friends and associates). If you happen to stumble upon it as a general thing, please note that it is open only by invitation.

I'm currently offering a percentage finder's fee on custom development work referred to Five Tree Software. It is effective as of August 16th, 2017 and will continue to be available at least through September 30th, and possibly through the end of the year (I'll update here, or feel free to check with me).

The rate will be as follows:

  • For leads (information that I follow up with that leads to billable work by the end of the year), the finder will receive 5% of all custom development income through December 31st*.
  • For ready-to-go projects (the potential client has work they want done and is ready to meet with me to decide whether or not to have me do it), the finder will receive 10% of all custom development income through December 31st*.

Basically the 5% is for situations where you say "Hey, you should call these folks: they could probably use your services.", while the 10% is where you say "Hey, these folks have this project they want to do and want to know when you can come in to discuss it with them.".

No finder's fee applies if I have already been in contact with the organization about programming work for Five Trees.

If you don't want the money yourself, you could also designate it go to a charity, and I'll keep you updated about the amounts that go there. If you refer yourself, you can take the 10% as a discount.

Thanks very much for thinking of me. Please e-mail if you have any questions.

*Specifically, the finder's fee will be paid on all work either written up in a signed contract or completed by the end of this year.

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